Product Philosophy – FRITZO®
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    Product Philosophy

    The philosophy underlying the concept

    We want to offer a highly variable game for 1 to 4 players for all age-groups from 4 years up. The unique modular FRITZO game system with its 27 individually colored cubes has two different sets of rules and is suitable for kids, teens and adults.

    The game system is so flexible that players can even invent their own (house) rules and develop other variants of the game. The excitement gets particularly intense when players arrange to apply both sets of rules in one game.  The underlying principle allows the game to be played by one player alone or by players working together as a team or competing against each other.

    Each of the 27 cubes has its own unique arrangement of colors so every game is different and playing is a constant source of enjoyment.

    Anyone playing the solitaire version of the game has an inexhaustible abundance of possible cube combinations and challenges.

    Instead of finding the one and only solution as the correct outcome, this game is about exercising the players’ own creativity and imagination.

    Each and every formation can turn out to be the winner. Vexation, helplessness, doubt and anger don’t enter into this game. So it also helps develop self-esteem.

    Anyone who enjoys abstract games and games of skill and imagination and strategy will find FRITZO CUBE to be a very enjoyable and wide-ranging games package.

    All the materials used are eco-friendly. The cubes are made of wood and come complete with a cotton bag. The discreetly understated design and the quality haptics of the material slot the game neatly into the raised quality awareness of discerning consumers. Later generations will benefit as well.